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The Johnson County Community College UN Team offers students (including area high school students who are enrolled in College Now) an excellent opportunity to learn  more about how the world's nations act together to solve global problems and reduce suffering in the world. JCCC is proud to be offering this outstanding opportunity to its students. (See Invitation to join)   

What is Model United Nations? 
(See JCCC MUN YouTube video)

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The JCCC Model United Nations Fall 2012 is a class and will be meeting each Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. (cc224) New webpage at http://blogs.jccc.edu/mun
Dr. Wright at bwright1@jccc.edu or visit his Office OCB 257D (913) 469-8500 ext. 4266.

Spring Semester 2011:


NMUN Outstanding Delegation AwardJCCC at the National Model United Nations conference New York City 
representing New Zealand April  2011. Received Outstanding Delegation award 

Fall Semester 2011:


JCCC Model UN team will be returned to the American Model United Nations conference (AMUN) JCCC AMUN Awards Chicago 2011
Chicago Nov. 18-23, 2011. The team will be represented Cuba and the Republic of Haiti
. Received two Outstanding Delegation awards for Cuba 

Spring Semester 2012:






JCCC Model UN will be returning to the National Model United Nations conference in New York City March 30 to April 6th 2012. Team represented Kenya received Distinguished Delegation award JCCC Model UN Times Square


Metro Kansas City Model United Nations Conference April  2013 JCCC campus.