The Internet Of Things


What Is the Internet of Things

In brief, the "things"” in Internet of Things are the everyday objects in your house, only hooked up to the internet. It’s really that simple. So think a thermostat that can be controlled from an app on your smartphone (handy on those cold winter mornings) or a coffee maker that switches itself on when it can tell you’ve gotten out of bed.

There are almost endless examples to pick from when you start looking at IoT projects under development now and all of them have one thing in common: in all cases the devices in your home, at your office and in your pocket are able to “talk” to each other and make limited decisions based off that information.

We say “limited” because they are still just machines, after all. Though we have come a long way since the purely binary decision-making of yesteryear, computers are still, essentially, quite stupid and can only work their way sequentially through a set of problems; we’ll talk about this in depth later on. With that said, you should have a reasonable idea of what the Internet of Things actually is. Let’s take a look at what it can do.


Everyone is eyeing the next big thing after the .com boom which will make riches. World has never being the same after advent of the internet. Investment gurus and statisticians may have many proposals to make but one thing is for sure, the next big move which will shape the century will depend on internet and embedded technology. That is, in other words internet of things definition is what interests major players now. What we do, how we do and when we do is never going to be the same when the physical environment around us gets lively and starts communicating

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and is becoming an increasing topic of interest among technology giants and business communities. The hype is not baseless as there are enough evidences to support the success of “Internet of Things” in the coming years. According to a report by Gartner there will be 30% increase in the number of connected devices in 2016 as compared to 2015 with 6.4 billion IoT devices entering the realm of internet of things. The number is further expected to increase to 26 billion by 2020.

by 2020 it is expected that 26 billion devices will be part of internet of things.

So one might simply ask “What is Internet of Things” and how it is going to impact our lives and career opportunities. There is a lot of complicated technology and terminologies at work in the IoT world but here I will try to keep things simple to explain the concept of Internet of Things easily

The Impact of Internet of Things on You

To put things simply any object that can be connected will be connected by the IoT. This might not make sense for you on the forefront but it is of high value. With interconnected devices you can better arrange your life and be more productive, safer, smarter and informed than ever before.

For instance how easy it will be for you to start your day if your alarm clock is not only able to wake you up but also able to communicate with your brewer to inform it that you are awake at the same time notifies your geezer to start water heating. Or you wearable wrist health band keeps track of your vitals to inform you when you are most productive during the day. These are just few examples but applications of internet of things are numerous.

On large scale transportation, healthcare, defence, environment monitoring, manufacturing and every other field you can imagine of can be benefited from IoT. It is very to conceive the whole application domain of internet of things at the moment but you can clearly understand why it is such an interesting and hot topic at the moment.

Hardware-Making physical objects responsive and giving them capability to retrieve data and respond to instructions Software-Enabling the data collection, storage, processing, manipulating and instructing Communication Infrastructure-Most important of all is the communication infrastructure which consists of protocols and technologies which enable two physical objects to exchange data. Get complete insight into fundamentals of internet of things here.