WEB 110 Final Project


Sir Tim Berners Lee. Source.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web (W3). His work at CERN in 1989 is marked as the invention of the W3 as a way for scientists to share and collaborate on research across the globe. He proposed and helped develop the standard HyperText Markup Language (HTML) for Internet documents.

This report covers a basic account of Sir Tim Berners-Lee's professional career during the 1980s and 1990s during which he established the foundations of the W3. It will also look into his project Solid to return to the initial venture of the W3 of a technology for global collaboration. It focuses on presenting users with a truer read-write interface for online documents with better data management to protect users' rights against data collection and exploitation.

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Form mock-up

This project also includes a form page which provides the interface to sign-up for a hypothetical newsletter about the Solid project. As this course focuses only on HTML & CSS and not back-end programming, as well as the website's purpose, this form is non-functional.

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Sources and Credits

The research necessary for this project has been organized and cataloged using MLA citation format. Images are sourced by link, and it is noted under which license the image is used.

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WEB 110 Course Objectives

The course objectives for JCCC's WEB 110 are presented in order to clarify the objectives and targeted skills in developing this research project. This is to guide visitors when considering the purpose of this website, which is to demonstrate skill and capability with these course objectives. This section is primarily for use with this project as part of a portfolio to describe completed course content.

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