The Economics of Bitcoin


A stylized rendering of the Bitcoin logo. Source.

With the emergence of cryptocurrency technology over the last decade, the role of these ambiguously defined technologies has begun to significantly impact the world economy. It has become necessary to understand not only the technical workings of cryptocurrencies, such as a blockchain technologies, but their real world impact and how they effect our daily lives. For brevity, this research project focuses exclusively on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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Sources and Credits

The research necessary for this project has been organized and cataloged using MLA citation format. Images are sourced by link, and it is noted under which license the image is used.

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WEB 110 Course Objectives

The course objectives for JCCC's WEB 110 are presented in order to clarify the objectives and targeted skills in developing this research project. This is to guide visitors when considering the purpose of this website, which is to demonstrate skill and capability with these course objectives. This section is primarily for use with this project as part of a portfolio to describe completed course content.

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