The Future of Peripheral Technology AlterEgo

Demonstration of AlterEgo

What is AlterEgo?

AlterEgo is a wearable, silent speech system for silent and seamless natural language communication with computing devices and other people. AlterEgo seeks to augment human intelligence and make computing, the Internet, and machine intelligence a natural extension of the user's own cognition by enabling a silent, discreet, and seamless conversation between person and machine. The wearable system reads electrical impulses from the surface of the skin in the lower face and neck that occur when a user is internally vocalizing words or phrases – without actual speech, voice, or discernible movements. The system is a private, personal, and seamless alternative to computing platforms used today.

What does it do?

A user's deliberate internal speech is characterized by neuromuscular signals in internal speech articulators that are captured by the AlterEgo system to reconstruct this speech. We use this to facilitate a novel user interface where a user can silently communicate in natural language and receive auditory output through bone conduction headphones, thereby enabling discreet, bi-directional interaction with a computing device, and providing a seamless form of intelligence augmentation.

Applications to Real Life

The platform opens up a wide range of possibilities. This platform allows a human user to connect to the Internet, and access the knowledge of the web in real-time as an extension of the user’s self; a user could internally vocalize a Google query and get a resultant answer through bone conduction without any observable action at all. The platform seeks to augment human speech as a way to transmit information between people.

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Example of AlterEgo