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JCCC has enhanced the use of cloud storage technologies, non-web course students have the ability to utilize Google Drive and/or Microsoft OneDrive for their academic storage functions.

Are you enrolled in one of the following WEB courses?

• WEB - 110 - HTML/CSS,
• WEB - 114 - JavaScript I
• WEB - 124 - JavaScript II

This server does not allow directory listing or fancy indexing. 

Do you have an index.html file in the folder?  

Please ensure you have a html file labled index.html. Doing so will load the folder's index page by default. 


If you do not have an index.html file in the folder, you cannot connect to a specific .html file name.




To view a list of files within your student folder, connect using a FTP/TLS client and browse the files via the client. 




It is highly recommended that WEB course user’s backup their academic data to a personal storage device via a USB disk or other backup media, making a copy of that data so that you can restore it in case the original data is lost. WEB Server files are removed at the end of each semester. Web storage space is only available to currently enrolled WEB course students (WEB 110 HTML/CSS Java I 114 124 JavaScript II). Individuals no longer enrolled in WEB courses will have their files / folders removed after each term.




Non WEB students do not have access to this server. However, credit students do have the ability to utilize JCCC cloud storage technologies. (Google Drive or OneDrive) NOTICE: Web-based course content developed by students is removed from this web site after a course ends. If you're experiencing a technical difficulty, please contact the Technical Support Center.

Technical Support Center:
To submit a request for technical assistance, call 913-469-8500, ext. 4357 (HELP),
toll-free 866-896-5893, option 6.
Technical Support Center website

Acceptable Use Policy


Users must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and the Procedures established by the College governing access and/or use of Technology and Communication Systems. To maintain the integrity of the Technology and Communication Systems and to ensure compliance with applicable Policies/Procedures, JCCC has the ability to monitor and manage access and use of the Technology and Communication Systems, and may do so in accordance with this Policy and the Use of Technology and Communication Systems Operating Procedure 510.01. Any User who violates this Policy or the related Procedures may have his/her account and/or User privileges revoked and such violation may result in student/employee disciplinary and/or legal action.

Use of Technology and Communication Systems Policy 510.00